Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Beam Diagnostics

A new technique of beam diagnostics is tested.
ZAG Zyklotron AG has developed a new method of beam diagnostics for its cyclotrons, based on infrared technology (see the scheme below).

Strahldiagnostik Schema 141127

The technique can be applied during irradiation of targets.
The thermal images have a very good quality, due to the selection of the suitable foil and the appropriate programming of the cam, (Area  1 = 10 x 10 mm2):

Strahldiagnostik Wärmebild 141127

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Zr 89 for PET

6.2 Nuklidkarte Zr89 100px Zr 89 is very advantageous for tumor diagnostics with PET (positron emission tomography) using labeled antibodies. The development of a manufacturing process for isotopically pure Zirconium 89 had been carried out as a project together with co-workers of Institut für Physikalische Chemie of Hochschule Mannheim, financially supported by BMWT - within the scope of the central innovation program medium sized companies (ZIM).

A beam current of 70 µA is applied routinely.
The manufacturing process is completed.

Friday, 10 October 2014

10 Years ZAG Zyklotron AG

ZAG Zyklotron AG celebrates its 10th anniversary of active production. ZAG entered in 2004 into production and can look back on 10 successful years:
of reliable production and delivery of

  • radioisotopes for medicine,
  • activations for radionuclide technique in mechanical engineering (RTM),
  • RTM measurement systems and KIPROS targets for I 123 production;

as well as the development of new products and further development of our standard production.

Our anniversary we celebrated on 10/10/2014 together with many guests, our coworkers and their families in the pavilion in front of our new office building:



Our guests arrive - customers, contractual partners, friends of ZAG Zyklotron AG:


Kehrwald Schweickert

Naschs Peter

Krmer Zerweck Kunz

Viele Gste


Dr. Hermann Schweickert, CEO, is opening the celebration:

Schweickert 2


Our operating facilities may be visited:

KAZ Scherges

For Example the Karlsruhe Compact Cyclotron KAZ,


Schweickert MIZ

The Karlsruhe Mini-Cyclotron MIZ with Opend Rotation Gate



Assembly Space with Guests and a KIPROS-Target


RTM Messsystem 

and the RTM Measurement System.




Change of Ownership

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