Safe and industrially proven labelling of engine and transmission components


Delivery Time?

approx. 12 Weeks

Dimensions and Weights of the RTM Measuring System?

CMD: (LxWxH) in mm = 1300 x 730 x 1000, Weight: 650 kg
FMD: (LxWxH) in mm =    855 x 665 x   860, Weight: 600 kg
RMD: (LxWxH) in mm =    560 x 500 x   650, Weight: 500 kg

Electronic box with PC and attachments:
(LxWxH) in mm = 600 x 600 x 1.330 (without monitor), Weight: 90 kg


The system components are mounted on bottom rollers and hence they can used at various test benches.

Maximum allowed temperature of oil (oil sump / CMD / FMD)?

180° Celsius.

Maximum allowed surrounding temperature?

35° Celsius surrounding temperature.
The temperature monitoring of the measuring device CMD generates a signal at the display in case of temperature exceeds 40°Celsius inside of the device.

Power supply for the measuring system?

CMD - full system: 400 VAC und 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A.
TLD:                       230 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A

Which types of filter elements can be used in the FMD?

Small:            MANN W67/1
Medium:        MANN W610/2
Standard:      MANN W940/25
TRUCK:         MANN 11 102/11

GEAR UNIT: Filter mats

Please ask for other types of filter elements.

What happens during power failure?

An uninterruptible power supply is included in delivery, and it bridges one hour of power failure.

Limit values of the electronic measuring equipment?

Maximum counting rate: 300 kHz
Maximum pulse rate per single measuring point: 2xE24

Stability for long-running measurements (endurance test)?

A typical value for the accuracy of measurement is < 10E-3 over a measuring period of 12 Weeks (below the specified threshold of surrounding temperature).

PC and Software Details?

An industrial PC, IBM compatible, with monitor and printer are included in the delivery.
The application software leads the user through the measuring process - through calibration, measurement, data analysis and data export.
Starting the application software all necessary settings of the evaluation electronics are set automatically.

May the data transmitted to a network?

Standard: the measurement PC is delivered including a 3COM interface card.
Optional:  12 measuring data can be processed as analogue values (0 to 10 V).

Can we rent a RTM measuring system?

An order is necessary in time .
Minimum rending period is 6 Months.

Warranty for the measuring system?

2 years.



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